AUTUMN 2012 – Issue 49


National Arboretum Canberra
Lisa Walmsley shares her thoughts on this fine work-in-progress.

Landscaping for Bushfire: Garden Design and Plant Selection
A review of the Country Fire Authority’s 64 page booklet. The publication was produced in response to the Victorian Bushfires Royal Commission.

Green Leads the Trend in China
Benedict Lyte takes us on tour to the Horticultural Exposition in Xi’an, China.

Sculpture al Fresco
Louise McDaid takes a tour of outdoor sculpture exhibitions in Australia.

Pin your Inspiration
Ideas for organising your web-based pics for later reference to kick-start ideas.

More than a Thousand Words
A nifty way to create 3D sketches to impress clients.

AILDM Garden Tour
A look at the highlights of Michael Cooke’s private garden at Mangrove Mountain, NSW.

Plant Profile
Four plants from different climatic zones are profiled, highlighting their features and uses.

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Plus regular features on recent landscape events (In Brief), Book Review, Product News, AILDM News and more!

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